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You practically don't need a
budget to get a web hosting account. With us, you'll get
enough space, emails and
control for
$8.00 per Month onwards.

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- Host additional domains
- Java Servlet Support
- Extra Bandwidth
Web Hosting Add Ons

Just $30 Each!

Service Policies & Guidelines

Please review all policies before activating an account with All customers are obligated to read, agree to, and keep up-to-date on each of our policies outlined below.

We DO NOT permit:

Abuse of Scripts or System Resources
Pornography or sex-related content or merchandising
Warez, Hacking/Cracking, MP3 files (including links to/from)
Hate/Illegal content or files

Please review all policies carefully.

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Introducing SiteStudio. A full featured, browser-based design tool.

40 different templates
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